Performance And Protection For Your Valued Devices.

Long before they reach the market, every Max product is subjected to an extensive series of drop tests to ensure reliable protection in real world settings. But we don’t stop there. Our unique product development process combines in-lab testing with equally extensive feedback from our valued customers. This collaborative approach yields products resilient enough to withstand intensive daily use, without sacrificing visual appeal. Count on the proven protection delivered by this innovative process with our Extreme Shell, Shield/Shield Xtreme, and X-Band product lines, as well as any of our bags, cases, and accessories.
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Durable Shells for Your Laptop.

Used to conduct business, do schoolwork, keep in touch with distant loved ones, and store our precious memories, laptops serve an integral role in our daily lives. With a protective laptop case from MAXCases, you can ensure that, wherever you take it, your laptop will be safe from harm. We offer cases for laptops from Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung.

Protective Cases
for Your Tablet.

When you purchase a protective tablet case from MAXCases, you’re doing more than simply safeguarding against drops and scratches. Feature-packed with bonuses like handstraps, stylus holders, and built-in kickstands, our cases actively expand the functionality of your devices.

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Introducing the
Max X-Band™

The MAXCases’ Max X-Band™ is a band that attaches to the back of any tablet, providing a functional hand strap to keep your tablet sturdy and steadfast as you work. Made with durable silicone material, the X-Band™ comes in two sizes—small, which is designed for the iPad Mini or other tablets in the 8-10-inch sizes, and large, which will fit iPads or 11-13-inch tablets.

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Other items of the MAXCases product line.

MAX Shield Xtreme™
The MAX Shield Xtreme™ is the first iPad case made specifically for educators with three separate layers of protection around the vital areas of the iPad, plus a handstrap, stylus holder, and built-in kickstand.

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Explorer Bag
Featuring impact memory foam, retention straps on each corner, and an elastic strap to secure your laptop just below the hinge, the new Max Explorer bag secures your device from all drops and bumps.

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Max Table Stand
Need a table top stand for you iPad? The Max Table Top Stand features multiple points of articulation allowing you to put your iPad at just the right viewing angle. The stand also folds closed to a very compact and portable size.

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